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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • Two Things That Should Always Be in Your Store's Windows

    Attracting customers who are passing by can be hard to do. There are a lot of distractions outside, people are looking at their phones more than displays, and your store has to compete with nearby businesses. But attractive window displays and attention-getting graphics are one of the only ways to secure new business to your physical store. Here are two must-have details that need to be in your windows:

    Have clear signs and banners.

    Window displays don't just highlight your featured products. They are a platform for communicating with potential and recurring customers. So dedicate a large portion of your open window space to banners with clear-cut messages. You should be advertising semi-annual sales, new product lines, and new benefits of your loyalty program. If there is any seasonal or time-sensitive information that you think shoppers need to know, this is the place to post it. Make sure you have the tools to hang large ceiling-to-floor banners so you can maximize the use of the space without compromising on design.

    Stage your products.

    More and more stores are creating scenes in their front windows instead of just laying products out or displaying manikins. This is even more important if your store specializes in home goods and clothing or accessories. Shoppers are looking at how products can integrate into their lives, not just how the products themselves look. That means every scene needs a background, and it shouldn't just be a blank partition to separate the window from the store. Invest in good hanging hardware and art display tools so you can arrange everything from artwork to faux shelves and furnishings in the background.

    It's important to have displays that are interesting without being busy. Go to Systematic Art for reliable, invisible hardware that fades into the background while helping your store stand out.

  • Three Problems with Traditional Art Hanging Tools

    Hanging photographs in your home is a great way to personalize the space. But if you have an iron-clad lease around your rental home or apartment, the potential loss of your deposit might make you think twice about making the space your own. There's a good reason for that concern. Even the most conscientious inhabitants can damage the walls and risk their good record. Here are three problems to watch out for with traditional art and photo hanging procedures:

    A single point of contact puts too much pressure on the walls.

    Drywall isn't a sturdy substance. It can muffle noise and helps break up a space, but it's not strong enough to support much weight or tension. Frames that hang from a central point put the aggregate weight of the frame, enclosed artwork, and the hanging support itself on one narrow point. Over time, the hole will start to widen. That also makes the nail or screw increasingly loose, and it can tear through more of the wall when it eventually comes loose.

    Frames with two points of contact will require a lot of adjustments.

    Frames with a nail or a hook at each of the top two corners help divide the weight so each point only has to control half of the total. But it can be next to impossible to get the display fully level. That means you're going to be repositioning the hooks over and over again, and leaving multiple holes in the wall can make picky property managers respond poorly. 

    Sticky tools leave residue and can't be reused.

    If you forego nails and screws entirely, you might turn to sticky patches. These won't poke holes in the wall, but they often leave brightly colored residue. If you have textured walls, they also won't stick correctly and your art can fall down. If you need to re-level a photograph or part of a larger display, most of these products won't restick to the wall, so you're buying new supports every time you make a change.

    Instead of damaging your walls or buying one-use-only tools, go to Systematic Art for supports and display tools that will work just right over and over again.

  • 5 Art Hanging Systems That Makes Any Home Stunning

    How often do you think about what really completes a living room or office? Some would assume it's the big details like a couch or desk, but here's the truth- it's the small ones that truly count. We have the perfect art hanging systems to complete those "little details" that really matter in a home, office, or museum.

    1) Ball End Aluminum Rod

    The Ball End Aluminum Rod is the most common and applauded hanging system by both personal and professional users. The sleek and elegant rod gently allows the art piece to parallel inches from the wall securely. Systematic Art carries several colors and lengths in this iconic hanging system

    2) Ball End Cable Rod

    Similar to the Ball End Aluminum Rod, the Cable Rod version of this is an updated version that accommodates the needs of home shoppers. Traditionally, museums and commercial use of these Ball End Rods are made of aluminum to hold very heavy installations. The Ball End Cable Rod is made as an even sleeker design for home users that don't need such strong art hanging systems for less heavy art.

    3) Slim Line Picture Rail

    If you're looking for a solution to discreetly hang your pictures at home or in office, look no further. The Slim Line Picture Rail is based on a sleek rail design that is not only inconspicuous but also very simple to install. The Slim Line Picture Rail comes with 8 pre-drilled holes, giving you no reason to wait to display your beautiful art.

    4) Anti Theft Picture Hook

    Art often holds value for us, whether monetary or personal, sometimes extra security for displaying the art is better to have than not. These picture hooks are the perfect way to ensure your art can safely hang in your home without potentially losing it through a robbery.

    5) Crane Picture Hook

    For art that may have a cable along the backside, consider getting a Crane Picture Hook. This hook is discreet, but also secure due to the screw on the hook that tightens on the cable.

    The best part about all of these art hanging systems is that they are all incredibly affordable. Be sure to check them out at! Feel free to also contact us.

  • Sign and Banner Supports and Making a Business Visible

    Some businesses won't use banners and signs as often anymore, because they might think that they aren't necessary in a world where people have GPS devices. They might assume that people will already be able to locate the business building easily enough, and a banner or sign would just be superfluous.

    It should be noted that when people completely rely on their GPS devices for navigating, they often make mistakes. GPS devices can make minor errors, but those errors can still mean the difference between someone reaching the destination and someone getting lost. People still have to rely on the visual cues around them in order to find the locations that they want, and signs and banners can make that much more effective. When those signs and banners have the right supports, businesses won't have to worry as much about potential customers getting lost. 

    Signs and banners are often used for the sake of marketing as well, and plenty of businesses are focusing on online marketing these days. They might think that this means that they don't need to worry about other forms of marketing.

    However, many of the older approaches to marketing can still work very well, and business owners should not just limit themselves to making customers online more aware of them. Plenty of people will still be walking past the business's location in the physical world on a daily basis, and signs and banners can attract the attention of these individuals.

    These people are already outside and they are already in front of a given business. If businesses make the location inviting enough and they use the right signs and banners, they can often make these potential customers intrigued enough to become true customers, and even loyal customers. The right sign and banner supports will only help them achieve that goal. 

    Contact us for a clearer picture of these products. 

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