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Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • The Benefits of an Adjustable Museum Rod System

    If you're creating an exhibit for a museum, you handle a wide variety of pieces with different weights and dimensions. If you've used Systematic Art's rail and cable system for hanging lighter art, you know how easy hanging and displaying art can be. Use our rod system to the same effect with heavier pieces.

    What is a rod system?

    Rod systems are secure hanging solutions for artwork and displays that are too heavy for traditional cable display systems. But just because your heavier pieces of art require more hardware for support doesn't mean you have to resort to a clunky display that clashes with the theme or exhibit walls. Rods hang from the rail system installed on your gallery's ceiling or walls and hang down to provide tensile strength and sturdily mounted rod hooks that connect to the art's backing.

    Why should you use System Art's Rod System?

    • The rods work within our universal rail system. Whether you have a temporary display of heavy pieces or you hold permanent exhibits with both lighter and heavy pieces, you can have our rail system installed and then create unique, specific displays with a mix of cables and rods. This means displays with a wide variety of pieces that differ in size, weight, and theme don't need completely separate sets of hardware, which means your exhibits more cohesive and more focused on the artwork itself.
    • Rods still allow for a minimalist, contemporary display. After a certain weight limit, most galleries and museums have to resign themselves to bulky display hardware, building permanent support into the walls, or having highly visible display systems. But our rods and rails come in any color, so you can pick them exhibit by exhibit or color-match them to the walls.

    No matter what display you have in mind, Systematic Art's array of rails and rods can make it happen. Browse our selection of adjustable hardware here.

  • Three Reasons to Use a Cable Hanging System

    Different pieces of art call for different styles of display.  Sometimes rail displays work best, and other exhibits call for cable hanging systems. If you're thinking about how to arrange your next display or you're looking for sturdier hardware to replace your current exhibits, you should try hanging cables.

    What are the benefits of an adjustable cable system for hanging art?

    1. The hanging system won't distract from the art. Our cable systems come in a variety of hanging materials, including clear nylon. If you're looking for a minimalist display, this material will let you securely display artwork either against the display wall or suspended for a shadow box effect. If you want the cable system to become part of the display, Systematic Art also has cables in stainless and a variety of colors.
    2. You can modify the display according to the style and theme of the exhibit. Whether there are multiple art pieces to be hung in a minimalist grid, or the artwork displays a progression of an idea, the cable system comes with an array of different hooks and clamps to support the idea. The paintings can be arranged close to each or presented with space to separate each piece and allow for captions.
    3. The size and weight of the painting are no obstacles. Whether the cable system is to arrange small artwork in your home or you are displaying pictures up to 250 pounds (114 kilograms), we have a rail and cable system that suits your needs. Our hardware comes with reinforced supports and hooks so you can safely create displays that are either ceiling mounted or hooked to the wall.

    Exhibits are supposed to enhance and display artwork in its best light. Whether a visible cable system helps pull together the look and feel of the art or you are looking for a nearly invisible cable display infrastructure, a hanging system is one of the best choices. Browse our selection at Systemic Art here to get what you need.

  • Why a Museum Rod System May be The Best Choice For Your Art

    Art hanging systems are underappreciated, but deeply necessary in the world of art shows and exhibits. If the art takes center-stage during a show, then the hanging system can be thought of as the curtain-puller, making it possible for the audience to see the magic. They aren't the main attraction itself, but they make the main attraction possible and should be given the proper consideration.

    Why Choose a Museum Rod System?

    The museum rod system is well suited to heavier pieces like stone mosaics larger paintings, especially if the frame is ornate and weighty on its own. The system is also a great choice for any artist who uses heavy materials like stones or metal in their projects, practically if they often work on large-scale pieces that require proper bracing.

    A museum rod system is a practical, easily installed system designed to give your piece a proper, stable, and balanced orientation. Systematic Art offers two types of museum rod hooks, one supporting up to 54 pounds, and one supporting 64-100 pounds depending on the type of rod it's paired with - aluminum or steel. However, both books are easy to install as they both are designed to slide easily onto the rod and attach with a self-locking cam.

    If you need hardware to help you display your art in a gallery or museum for an exhibition, art show, or even just around your house, then contact us at Systematic Art today! We offer a wide variety of display solutions and are committed to helping you show off your art.

  • 3 Advantages to Gallery Track Systems

    There are many advantages to using a gallery track system to display your art, both at home and in professional spaces. These systems pair well with LED lighting, and offer added security against theft while also minimizing the risk of damage to your pieces.

    1. Affordable

    It's common for professional instructions like art galleries to consult on the most versatile and sturdy gallery track systems but homeowners can easily DIY them with wall tracks, hooks, and cables hangers making them a great system for small-time or beginning artists showing their work in more informal venues.

    2. Easy to Assemble

    The basic components of a gallery track system are the wall-mounted rails, the cable hangers, and the hooks. As long as you have a solid wall to attach the rails to, the system snaps into place with just a few tools and a little effort. It is worth noting though that the rails come in a variety of lengths and carrying capacities, so be sure to choose components that will support your art correctly.

    3. Easy Breakdown After Showings

    If you're displaying your art for a limited time, then it's best to choose a display method that won't take you all night to disassemble. A gallery track system doesn't require much elbow grease and can be taken apart in under half an hour in most cases.

    Curious about art hanging systems or want to know if a gallery track system is the best option for your home or business? Contact us today. We'll be happy to help you display your beautiful art.

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