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Monthly Archives: July 2017

  • Museum Hardware and the Transitory Nature of Museum Exhibits

    People who adore museums are still well aware of the fact that many of their favorite exhibits will not last forever. Museum fans will typically go to the websites of their favorite museums in order to look up the listings for the current exhibits, which will all be available within a particular range of dates. People will have to try to get there as quickly as possible in order to see the artifacts, pieces, and other display items in time. 

    Having specialized museum hardware is essential for situations like this. Museums need to have museum hardware that is going to keep the items in question safe. This specialized museum hardware must give designers the chance to display everything according to a certain set of standards as well. However, the staff members still need to be able to take everything down afterwards.

    The exhibit is only temporary. The museum hardware needs to be solid enough that it can maintain the exhibit while it is there, but it also has to be flexible enough that taking down the exhibit under a tight schedule is not overly difficult. This seems like it would be a tricky balance to strike, and yet a lot of museum hardware is built so it can pull it off each and every time. Some staff members and people in the audience might marvel at the fact that museum hardware was truly built to accommodate exhibits at every stage, but this is certainly the case. 

    Contact us in order to get questions answered related to museum hardware. 

  • 4 Tips for Great Museum Exhibits

    Use these museum display tips to make sure you present your exhibits in the best possible manner and that your visitors enjoy and understand what they see.

    Make It Flow

    Make your exhibitions flow from one to the next. Have them tell a story, with each exhibit building up to the next one. There should be some sense to the order of your exhibits. For example, sometimes people need to see one thing in order to fully understand the next one.

    Break Them Up

    You might want to consider breaking up your large exhibits into many smaller ones. This way, visitors won’t be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information presented to them at one time. When you break up a large exhibit into many smaller ones, make sure to present them in the right order, as mentioned above.

    Integrate Technology

    Everything is moving towards digital platforms these days. In your museum, you can use technology to enhance your exhibits. For example, you can have built-in tablets with information about each exhibit. You can also develop an app with maps and information about each exhibit that visitors can use when at your museum.

    Invest in a High-Quality Display System

    It’s important that you invest in a display system that is high-quality and will do the job of showing your visitors the story you want to convey to them. Every museum will need a different kind of display system. Contact us so that we can help you out with finding a display system that works for you.


  • Hardware For Signs And Banners: Attracting Your Audience With An Effective Strategy

    You can successfully advertise your business to your customers by using a variety of strategies and techniques that will spread the word about your business to your target audience. While using social media, websites, and other strategies should definitely be part of your marketing plan, you should not forget about the traditional methods of signs and banners. Signs and banners can still offer your business a variety of advantages.

    Signs And Banners Are Affordable

    If you have a small business, you may find yourself making several adjustments to your budget in order to meet all the needs of your business. Fortunately, signs and banners are still a method that is very affordable to produce. You can find digital shops that will print your signs and banners, but if you have talented employees who can design signs and banners for you, you can produce these signs and banners in-house.

    Reaching Your Target Audience

    It does not matter if you are displaying your signs and banners outside of your business, inside of your business, at an event, etc., you can be sure that your signs and banners will be seen. When you use a banner or a sign, you will guarantee to reach the people you are determined to reach. 

    One of the best ways to ensure that your signs and banners reach your target audience is to use the right hardware for signs and banners. At Systematic Art, we have everything you need to create the right sign and banner display. Contact us today for additional information on how the right hardware for signs and banners can be the difference in attracting customers and going unnoticed. 

  • gallery rod system: Hot Rods

    Gallery Rod System

    Hot Rods

    The beautiful face without a name:

    What can be said about hanging systems? They're the underappreciated, behind the scenes components of an art exhibit. They're the stagehand who pulls open the curtain at a Broadway show. They're the circus employee who puts tack on the horses and elephants. They're the magician's assistants who trigger the trap door when no one's looking. They aren't the illusion, but they are essential to the creation of the illusion.

    Why you may want to go with the rod system:

    The rod system is the system best suited for heavy items, such as a stone mosaic or a very large painting with an ornate frame. With many modern artists using avant-garde media such as metal or reviving the ancient style of the triptych with multi panels, the rod system is a good choice. The rod system is not only strong; it's efficient, convenient and creates a stable yet balanced orientation. The rod system is a popular choice as it adds a sophisticated air of mystique yet is practical in application.

    What Systematic Art can do for you:

    Systematic Art proudly supplies two types of museum rod hooks. One can support up to 54 pounds of weight with either aluminum or stainless steel picture hanging rods. The other costs a dollar extra, but is sturdier in that it can handle 64 pounds on an aluminum rod and 100 pounds on a stainless steel rod. Both hooks have self-locking cam action and slide easily on to the rod.

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