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Monthly Archives: December 2016

  • The Beautiful Utility of Picture Rails in Interior Design


    Interior designers want to guide their clients toward the best solution for hanging their art. Whether including a gallery wall into the decorative scheme or mounting a single, large-scale piece, picture rails will provide durability, versatility, and an opportunity to integrate the mounting system as part of the design.


    Systematic Art's low profile, wall mounted picture rails grant access to the canvas of your client's room, leaving the wall's extent unaltered, undamaged, and fully available for embellishment. Challenging wall surfaces, such as brick, tile, and mirror, are easily accommodated with the use of Sky Rails, which are ceiling-mounted and achieve the same elegant effect. Whether preserving the original metallic finish as an intentional design statement or painting them to blend in with the existing palette, picture rails serve as a stable framework on which to begin hanging your client's interior design dreams.


    When choosing between a rod system or cable system to install with the picture rail, function as well as aesthetic come into play. The nearly invisible nylon cable option would be well suited to gallery wall installations of grouped arrangement, where additional visual distraction would be unappealing to the eye. Yet, for linear gallery wall configurations, a designer might choose stainless steel cable, allowing the system's visibility to enhance the modern aesthetic.


    For large-scale artwork, installing a rod system with a picture rail will ensure safety; for your clients, their art, their children, and pets. A preference for large-scale art is increasing among interior design clients, and the contemporary appearance of the picture mount and rod system coalesces well with sophisticated, streamlined interiors.


    Picture mounts contribute stylish utility and deliver a reliability that interior design clients are sure to appreciate. However, the most appealing characteristic is the versatility that they provide. Interior design trends come and go, tastes change, and new opportunities present themselves. With an adaptable display system already established, designers and their clients can revamp, refashion, and reorganize wall art with ease.


    Contact Systematic Art to learn more about the picture hanging systems available to interior designers and their clients.

  • Valuing Local Art This Holiday Season (TIME SENSITIVE)

    An interesting evolution of the holiday shopping season is that in addition to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers now participate in Small Business Saturday. According to Wikipedia, American Express coined the term and started the trend of Small Business Saturday in 2010, emphasizing the importance of patronizing small, local brick-and-mortar businesses, not just big box stores and online deals.  

    Along with this trend is the continual reminder for shoppers to not overlook local businesses during their holiday shopping. If you are looking to be more intentional this holiday season, one way you can do this is by patronizing local artists. Art makes a great gift and along with that art, Systematic Art offers museum hanging systems for home and commercial use. Whether it is photography, a drawing, a painting, or another medium that you buy for a loved one, Systematic Art has the perfect hanging system for it. 

    Picture hanging rods and cables add an additional professional element to the valuable art you just purchased. Your friends and family members will love that you chose to shop local and that you considered how they would hang the artwork as well. Another great way to utilize our museum hanging systems outside of a museum is in your workspace. If you are also a small business owner, what a wonderful way to show your support for the community by hanging local art in a professional and modern way. 

    For more information on our museum hanging systems and other hanging systems, contact us today at Systematic Art.

  • Acrylic Display System: Avoid Putting Holes In Your Home's Walls

    When you have a home, you want to do everything you can to keep it looking as good as it can be. You put a great amount of hard work into keeping your home clean, and you would probably like to avoid putting any type of holes into your walls, regardless of the reason.

    However, if you have children, you will at some point want to place artwork and photos on your walls so you can proudly display them. One of the best display systems you can use is an acrylic display system. An acrylic display system will give you the ability to create a unique display that you are able to personalize to fit your home. 

    One of the great things about an acrylic display system is the variety of options you have when it comes to hanging them. You will have the ability to create various types of displays on a variety of surfaces. You will not have to put any holes in your walls that you will later regret. An acrylic display system will give you an affordable and attractive solution.

    At Systematic Art, we have everything you need to create a wonderful display of photos or artwork in your home. It does not matter what the style of your home is or what type of display you want to create, when you use an acrylic display system, you will get everything you are looking for.

    What type of artwork do you want to be displayed in your home? Contact us today to find out if an acrylic display system is right for your ideas. 

  • Art Hanging Systems: Hanging Art The Right Way

    One of the best parts in decorating your home is the ability to hang beautiful pieces of art. When it comes to hanging art, many people make various mistakes that could have been avoided. We want to inform you of some of the common art hanging mistakes.

    Hanging Art On Every Wall

    If you love art and photos, you will probably be tempted to hang art on every wall in the room. You do not need to place art on every wall in your home. If you collect many art pieces, it can be difficult for you to leave some of them off the wall, but you do not want to pile your walls with art pieces. 

    Not Hanging Your Art Pieces At Eye Level

    When some people see some art pieces that are not properly centered, they will immediately try to correct the crooked frame. Instead of some people hanging artwork crookedly, they hang them too high. When people walk into a room and see artwork, they will immediately want to look at it. However, when the art pieces are not at a normal eye level, it will be extremely difficult for them to see. Are your art pieces at a normal eye level or did you hang them too high up? 

    One of the best ways for you to get the most out of your art pieces, you should use proper art hanging systems or any other hardware that will allow you to create a beautiful art gallery in your own home. The proper hardware will also ensure your photos are secure and will remain that way.

    At Systematic Art, we have the tools you need to hang your favorite art pieces in your home. Contact us today for more information.

  • Will You Need Picture Hanging Systems For Your Pieces Of Art?

    You have an excellent art or photo that you are ready to hang. When you browse the web, you will find a variety of ways to hang art on a wall. With so many ideas, how will you know that the right way is for you? There is no one-size-fits-all method for hanging artwork. The right choice is the one you feel is best for you. 

    However, when you do hang art on your wall, it is important that you give the art the best chance to be fully appreciated. Yes, you will have to think about measurements and how the artwork flows together on your wall, but you have to come up with the best decision for yourself.

    Take Your Time

    Before you begin hanging images on your wall, you will want to make sure that you carefully choose images that will be a perfect fit for the chosen room. You want your chosen room to be appealing, and you want the artwork to fit the interior of the room. If you have artwork about food, you would expect those pieces of art to be displayed in your kitchen.


    When you are in the middle of hanging your artwork, you want to make sure the artwork is placed at a proper eye level. If you are hanging this artwork in a living room, kitchen, family room, etc., you can hang the artwork according to the average height of a person. However, if you are hanging art in your children's room, you will want to hang the pieces of art so it will be at their eye level. 

    At Systematic Art, we have the picture hanging systems and other hardware you need to properly hang your art. We know that the art you hang in your home, office, etc. is for enjoyment and to strike a conversation. You will find many ideas on how you should hang your art, but the final choice is yours.

    Contact us today for more information on picture hanging systems and other art hardware. 


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