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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Acrylic Pocket Displays Are Fine Presentation Solution for Real Estate Offices

    The real estate market is still booming in many cities across our great nation, and whether you are trying to rent, lease or sell, there's plenty of properties to get out in front of would-be buyers. Real estate agents know the power of the brick and mortar shop in contrast to the less inviting website, or the rather small and unimpressive app listing on a mobile device. Clientele looking to make an important decision on a property still appreciate the well decorated, welcoming and professional offerings of a well-organized real estate office. To offer the walk-in client numerous properties at once, with a bold and elegant presentation consider an acrylic pocket display installation that reflects your brand's thoughtful and organized portfolio. 

    The acrylic pocket display system is a professional hanging option for displaying of signage that is versatile and sturdy enough to manage the busy office environment with its constantly changing listings, yet crafted attractively and of the highest quality for any museum display. The system works on a combination of high-caliber aluminum tensioners that are fastened to a wall or ceiling point. Durable cables are then threaded between the tensioners and tightened to the desired tension. Side clamps are added in parallel points between corresponding cables to hold the acrylic pocket displays in place. The pocket displays come in different sizes and perform like a transparent folders that hold your print-out listings in place; and which are easy to update with new listings, without having got deinstall the entire hanging system. 

    With the simple addition of tensioners and cables a display can be customized to cover any window or wall space to your design specifications. Potential clients will be drawn to the neat and clear display that beckons a look, while informing in detail in a welcoming and neutral fashion. Contact us to learn of how other real estate firms have drawn business by modernizing their display and offices with professional and attractive hanging solutions. 

  • Art for Art's Sake:Non-Damaging Art Installations

    Congratulations! You've just chosen several great pieces of art for your new small business. It's a big step, but you're happy with the sizes, design, framework, and hey, the price is right too. It all speaks to you, and about you to your customers. It says you care about your work. You are a professional.

    Next step is the installation. But wait! What were you thinking? You don't have dry wall.  The building you've just moved into; a 100-year old construction, may have character, but it also has plaster and brick for walls. How are you going to hang your new acquisitions? The walls aren't flat and you don't want to drill holes. Lord knows what's behind them, or if they will even hold up under the weight? 

    Now what do you do? You could pick up some of those cheap wall hanging hooks or systems you find in the department stores, but can you be guaranteed that a thousand dollar painting or sculpture won't come down on someone's head?  You want to enjoy the art, not worry about lawsuits.

    The ceiling is the only option left.  Fortunately, it's sheet rocked. But you know you just can't use anything. You need hardware just as professional looking, and reliable as you, a damage-free art hanging system, would work. Something Systematic would be perfect.

    Yes. is your all in one stop display shopping experience. But what to get? If the video library or Q&A areas of their easily navigable webpage can't answer your questions, their knowledgeable staff can. The SA staff have worked on installations world-wide and are ready to guide you through your display anxieties no matter what size project you have.

    Just give them a call at their toll-free support number 1-888-426-4406 / Ext No.2

    So after a short consultation you've finally decided that the clean look of the slimline ceiling hanging bar system is the way to go. Nice! You're now comfortable knowing that the six-foot section when installed properly with Systematic Art anchor and screw sets will suffice. Two Cobra stainless steel cables with self gripping picture hooks will safely hold that 50 lb contemporary re-constructionist painting you want over the waiting room couch.

    Try getting that kind of service at your local big box store? Now you just have to worry about signage.  Guess what? They handle that too.




  • How do Acrylic Pockets Work for Art Display?

    Acrylic pocket displays are a great way to show off art, but are you unsure about how they work?  Here we'll give you an explanation of what they are, how they work, and what they can hold.

    What They Are

    An acrylic pocket display system is a system has two components.  

    1. Acrylic Pocket--You will need acrylic art pockets, which you can slip the art into.  These come in landscape and portrait orientations, and come in three sizes to fit your needs.  
    2. Tension Cables--A cable tension set comes with tensioners for top and bottom, and cable that runs between the two.  You will also need side clips.

    How They Work

    First, you have to hang the cable tension sets.  You will need at least two to hang anything, since the art hangs in between.  Make sure to space your cables correctly.  

    Second, you will need the side clips to securely attach the acrylic pockets to the cables on both sides.  The acrylic will seem to disappear.  

    Now, you can hang your art by sliding it into the pockets.  

    What They Can Hold

    You can now easily hang artwork, photos, advertisements, menus or documents and more.  As long as the item you wish to hang is lightweight, it will look great in your new acrylic pocket display.

    One More Tool

    No matter what hanging system you are using for displaying artwork, a very useful acrylic tool is the acrylic card holder.  Available in 4"x2" or 6"x4", they are perfect for giving credit for and information about artwork.  Double sided tape is included to make it super easy.

    Are you ready to use an acrylic pocket display system?  Contact us and we can make it easy for you to have your new display up in no time.


  • Renters: Why You Should Look Into Picture Hanging Systems for Your Art

    If you rent, you know just how sterile and un-homelike an apartment or rental home can feel. Dressing up your space with your favorite pictures and paintings can be a great way to make your rental feel like home, but if you're using nails to hang up your art, it's time to make a change. Picture hanging systems that use cables and other similar methods for hanging can be great for anyone who loves and appreciates art, and they can be particularly useful for renters. This means that you might want to make changes to the way that you display your art by looking into picture hanging systems from Systematic Art, which sells hanging systems for art collectors, museums and even renters and art appreciators like you.

    Avoid Damaging Your Art

    One main benefit of using picture hanging systems for your art is the fact that it can minimize damage to your favorite paintings and photographs. Hanging up your art with nails can damage it, and it can make it prone to falling off of the walls, which can also cause problems. Using a picture hanging system will make it easier for you to hang up your art without damage. If it works for museums and art collectors, it should work just fine for you, right?

    Protect the Walls

    The way that you hang up your art can also cause damage to your walls. When you rent, this can be a big problem, since you might have to worry about losing your security deposit or being charged for damages. With the right picture hanging system, however, you can avoid doing damage that you might have to pay for later.

    If you're a renter, it's important to look for the right way to hang up your art in your unit. Luckily, if you contact us, we can help you find the perfect solution.

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