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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Cable Systems And Other Alternatives For Hanging Your Artwork

    When it comes to hanging your photos or artwork, it can be a challenge to hang them in a way that will be appealing and secure from potential theft. You need to have the right method to ensure your artwork will not only be seen but will not be easily taken from someone.

    You do not need to pull out your tools like a hammer, drill, or nails to hang your art on the wall. There are various methods you can use to hang your wall art the proper way.

    Cable Systems For Hanging Art

    A cable system that is designed for hanging your wall art is a different method then you may have used previously. This type of system uses wire cables from a rail that you will place on the ceiling. This type of method is great for anyone who does not want to put any holes in their walls. This method is also great for any type of surface that may make it difficult to hang art using any other method. 

    Hanging Strips

    If you have artwork that you want to hang temporarily, hanging strips are a great method to use because they are a good temporary solution. These hanging strips or also good for placing artwork on certain surfaces, such as a brick surface. If the artwork you want to hang is not heavy, these strips will be a great option for you to use. 

    At Systematic Art, we have all of the options you need to hang any artwork you want to hang. With the systems we have available, you do not have to constantly put holes in your walls. You can hang art securely while ensuring that it will still look appealing to anyone who wants to see it. For more information on these systems, contact us today. 

  • Acrylic Pocket Displays: Add Uniqueness To Your New Office

    You recently moved into a different office space and you have worked extremely hard to restore everything that you can. You have chosen the right materials, the right colors, and the right fixtures, and you are pleased with the way it looks. You have put in hours of hard work, and you have more work that needs to be done.

    Since you have done all of this hard work getting the office to look the way it does now, you are probably not too thrilled with the possibility of putting holes in your walls.

    However, you probably have plans to add some artwork and signs to your office to give it the look you dreamed of when you decided to open an office. How can you hang various pieces of artwork and signs without drilling holes in the wall? 

    Well, there is something amazing that you can use. You may even become fascinated with these once you start using them. What are they? Acrylic pocket displays. With acrylic pocket displays, you will be able to hang incredible pieces of artwork with no trouble at all. 

    These are not the only systems you can use; there is a variety picture hanging systems that you can use with no need for holes. In addition to not needing to use holes to hang these displays, here are some more reasons why you should use these displays:

    • they are affordable
    • they are appealing
    • they are safe to hang
    • they will add a unique touch to your office

    Regardless of what artwork you are planning to hang in your office, contact us at Systematic Art for all of your needs. 

  • How can you accomplish damage-free art hanging?

    Everyone knows that art enhances a space.  So you know you want artwork, but how can you hang art while keeping your walls damage-free? At Systematic Art, we have several options of rail mounts that will give you the choice of having art, rotating art, or no art at any time you choose.  

    What is a rail mount?  A rail mount is a track that is 'mounted' or attached to your wall or ceiling.  The only piece that is permanently in place is this track.  To the track, you attach wires with different methods depending on the type of track you choose.  These wires are completely removable for when you want a bare wall.

    All rail mounts are affixed in such a way that the fasteners are completely hidden from view, making them a great option for those who want a quick way to put up artwork without damaging their walls.  Wires click or slide into place, and all hardware is still hidden. Our Snap Track Rail even has a decorative face!

    If a ceiling mounted system is your preference, we have the Sky-Rail.  This is an ideal solution if your wall is made of a material that needs to be kept pristine, like glass or mirror, marble or tile.  This system mounts to your ceiling and keeps your walls completely intact.  

    As you can tell, there are solutions for every need.  Whether you prefer wall or ceiling mounting, we can make it possible for you to hang art without damage. Contact us now so that we can discuss the possibilities.

  • Find The Right Picture Rails For The Perfect Artwork

    People are always looking for new and improved ways to hang artwork and picture frames. Many people are tired of putting various holes in the walls trying to hang the picture in the right spot. Fortunately, many art lovers have found a better solution that will not ruin their walls. 

    picture rail will give you an easy and affordable way to hang pictures on any wall without worrying about putting holes in the wall because of nails and screws.

    This can really benefit you when you know you will change the pictures or artwork on a frequent basis. All picture rails are not made of the same material; the rails can be made from metal, wood, or other materials. 

    One of the most common and well-known methods for hanging pictures by using picture rails is using hooks. You can purchase picture rail hooks in a variety of styles and sizes, but the size and style will not really matter because they are all designed to do the same thing. The backs of picture rails will all be different, so you will be sure to find a picture rail hook that will fit your picture frame's shape. 

    If you want to give your art wall the right look, you should start off by picking the perfect artwork for your wall. After you find the perfect artwork, you should let us at Systematic Art help you find the right picture rails. We have everything you need, regardless of the purpose. 

    Contact us today for additional information. 

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