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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • How to Enhance Your Life with Acrylic Pocket Displays

    Have you ever taken a good look at your life and wondered what would make it better? You have all the basic things to keep yourself alive and well, but something is still missing. How about a home makeover, or give your office the sophistication that it has been missing with some acrylic pocket displays? Here are a few tips on how to enhance your life with acrylic pocket displays.

    Get those pictures out of hiding

    Your closet and drawers are possibly stuffed with old pictures and art that you never took the time to sort and showcase in your home or office. An inexpensive way to achieve a smooth classic look is to use acrylic pocket displays that you can get at Systematic Art.

    Display your license and credentials

    Let your customers and clients know that not only are you qualified to do your job, but you also have style. Slip your certificates into a clear acrylic pocket and display all of your accolades for the world to see. It is simple and easy to do, and your walls will look impeccable.

    Be an inspiration

    Having things in view that will inspire you will totally enhance your life and encourage you as well as others. Replacing the bulky frames with a more fashionable and sleek look will give your decor an updated look that you have been searching for. 

    To get more information about acrylic pocket displays and see what other wonderful display options we have to offer, please  contact us.


  • Gallery Hanging Systems for Universities

    Universities need to display the art of their students, and art for the purpose of decor in a professional and modern way. Prioritizing art, whether in student art shows, visiting exhibitions, or art displayed in buildings around the campus, demonstrates that the university cares about the arts. Having professional gallery hanging systems is key to the display of art at universities. 

    Let's consider a few uses for gallery hanging systems at a university and look at some hanging systems from Systematic Art that are perfect for these situations.

    • Decorating the student center. The student center is a main gathering spot in most universities. Every tour goes through there, and students congregate there to study, and grab a bite to eat. Gallery hanging systems like our picture hanging rods would be great in the student center for displaying permanent works, like historical photographs of the university, and displays of things important to the university, like the mascot, iconic places, and historical events.
    • Galleries for student work. If a university has an arts program, it is essential that there is a place for student work to be displayed. Undergrad and graduate students deserve the chance to display their achievements. For a student gallery, consider a wall mounted rail. These work in conjunction with picture hanging rods, and are great for the versatility needed for displaying student work.
    • Traveling exhibitions. Universities need a place for temporary exhibitions from local artists, alumni, and staff. Hanging cables are a unique way to display art and are just as versatile as our other gallery hanging systems. They provide a very modern feel and draw the focus to the pieces since the fixture is nearly invisible.

    For more ideas, and innovative fixtures for displaying art at a university, contact us at Systematic Art. Our affordable fixtures are gallery quality, and are sure to make your university shine with professionalism.

  • The beauty of art suspension systems

    The art curator welcomes the art suspension system.  It is convenient and repair issues as it pertains to the wall which it hangs are diminished.

    The client notices outstanding results with respect to the appearance of the picture groupings.  The way the art is portrayed is more important than the practicality of the system since art is for exhibiting.

    The clever gallery curator notices a sense of refinement in the way his or her pictures are displayed.  In the past, the art curator mechanically grouped paintings and spent a great deal of time on placement.  The art suspension system solves issues with regard to the amount of time used to group pictures. 

    Art suspension systems are "must-haves."  The system offers a relative solution in the adjustment of a painting's height and its positioning on the gallery wall.  The systems make creativity possible since staggering of paintings is achievable.  The paintings can hang at various heights without a great deal of effort on the part of the curator.  The preceding feature is an improvement since prior to the system such an effortless scenario was non-existent.

    Proper alignment of paintings is achieved instantaneously.  Paintings and art photos require proper alignment for purposes of exhibition.  When art suspension systems are not used, the gallery owner can take literally hours on end in the proper adjustment of photographs and paintings.  He or she achieves the correct height easily when using art suspension systems.  The suspension system does away with hooks and wires.

    In order to find out more about the convenience of art suspension systems, the professional curator is encouraged to contact us at his or her first convenience.  The beauty of art suspension systems is that they provide plenty of placement flexibility and ease of use for curators working on a schedule and within a predetermined budget. 





  • Art Hanging Systems For The Workplace

    Over the course of several years, people have taken an increased interest in art. Many companies are interested in art for various reasons. Museum quality artwork allows companies to display artwork in a variety of places in the office.

    Sometimes high-quality artwork can be a positive addition to companies because it can serve as a motivation to be more productive. It does not matter if you need hanging systems, rods, cables, or anything pertaining to hanging your art, we will have what you need. At Systematic Art, we have high-quality art hanging systems that you can use for your museum, home, school, gallery, or office. 

    With the right art hanging system and other tools, you can show off your artwork in your workplace like a pro. All you have to do is make a decision on what art hardware is the best for your needs. 

    Art hanging systems are able to keep all of your artwork safe from thieves and injuries so you will not have to constantly check your walls to ensure your pictures and artwork are still where you placed them. The sturdy art hanging systems will give you the ability to remain flexible with your art hanging.

    Whenever you feel the need to change an art piece, especially if you are using themes or campaigns in the office, you can change them easily. At Systematic Art, we want to make sure you have the best hardware for your interior space. Contact us today for additional information on art hanging systems. 

  • Adjustable Art Systems for Your Studio or Salon

    If you have your own business and you want it to be the most welcoming and professional, chances are, you will have art hanging on the walls in your workspace. But you don't want just a few random paintings and photographs nailed up on the wall. You want art that compliments the feel of your business, and you need adjustable art systems to hang your art as well. You don't have to have an art gallery to benefit from gallery quality art hanging systems.

    Hair salons, massage parlors, yoga studios, and other similar business can all benefit from having the cleanest look for their art. Systematic Art specializes in hanging art, and with the most professional and modern looks out there.

    Imagine a yoga studio with polished wood floors, plenty of mirrors on the wall, and a brick facade. The instructors, the music, and the classes, all add to the atmosphere. But it needs art too. What about professional and artistic photos of men and women in the most serene yoga poses? Or what about landscapes that help take people in the class to that zen place in their mind? Systematic Art's J-Hook cables have the strength to hang art with a clean and modern look.

    Or perhaps your hair salon needs to showcase photos of the different and popular styles. You want to be able to promote your available products as well. Tension cable systems are a beautiful way to display a number of items in a row with one fixture. They would be perfect in a salon to display a set of art to match the salon's theme.

    For gallery quality art hanging systems for your business, contact us at Systematic Art. We have the hanging solutions for you.

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