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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Picture Rail System: Perfect For Your Home Office

    If you have a home office and want to make your space look even better, then you should consider a picture rail system. With this type of system, hanging art has never been more easy and beautiful for your space. There are several options for you to consider.

    Slim Line Rail

    This type of picture rail system is mounted to the ceiling. It only requires the use of 8 holes in the ceiling, and can be used with hanging cables and aluminum picture rods. Additionally, it is capable of holding up to 65 pounds and is so slim that it's particularly discreet along the ceiling. This is a great option to display your art in your home office.

    Click-Track Rail System

    With the click-track system, you have the ability to hang up to 75 pounds worth of art. This type of rail system is secured to the wall using fastening clips and is compatible with a variety of hangers and hooks. This is great because you are able to adjust your art as needed, without worrying about damaging your walls with holes and marks.  

    Snap Track Rail

    If you want to not only be able to hang your art beautifully, but even add decoration with your hanging system, this is the best option for you. It holds up to 75 pounds of art. Additionally, because there is a raised decorative channel design on the rail, it can also add some additional detail to your space. This type of system uses aluminum hanging rods or cables that you can get in either synthetic nylon or stainless steel.

    If you want to be able to display your art collection beautifully in your home office, then you should consider a picture rail system. This will allow you to easily rotate the art that you have on display and add a touch of professional elegance to the space. To find the right picture rail system for you, please contact us.

  • Five Simple Reasons Gallery Hanging Systems Provide Safety and Security For Your Precious Art

    You don't have to be a gallery owner or a curator to care about collecting art or preserving a collection that means something to you and your family. The world over, people protect and share artifacts among family lines, and bequeath these valuables from generation to generation. Why do we do this? It's not only because we humans love the representation of our creativity encapsulated in worldly possessions, but also because they are things of value. These artifacts, whether paintings, prints, photographs, or three-dimensional objects, can attain important monetary, and surely, sentimental values; and it behooves us to project such important collectibles. 

    You do not have to have a professional gallery hanging system at home, but when they are so affordable, and easy to install, why wouldn't you make the sensible investment. Here's five simple reasons you want to give your art valuables the professional treatment they deserve. 

    • Hanging art works with picture rails and museum-quality rod hooks systems are simple to install and provide the art with security in suspension. They systems not only stabilize your are, using a self locking hook that will maintain the place of your painting; it also provides plenty of support (54 lbs. per rod), adding to your piece of mind. Gone are the swaying and precarious ways-of-old, of hanging art. 
    • Insurance companies like professional hanging systems. Let's say, you do own an impressive art collection and it needs insurance. Well, by taking the professional hanging route, are ensuring that you are doing right by your art, and hanging it in the most secure way possible to prevent accidents. 
    • Hanging systems that use cables protect your walls, which in turn preserves the value of your home and saves you from expensive paint jobs and wall repair expenses. Once the picture rails are installed, the cables and art can be changed, moved around, and customized to your liking without causing any damage to your walls. 
    • With such a variety of museum hardware products, you will find the price and right pats for your needs. For instance, the self-gripping picture hook, is the most secure way of hanging artwork when using a cable of tension system. Ideal for high-traffic areas, or homes with youthful activity, these hooks will ensure that your art does not detach from its hanging place. This is also a security measure that can thwart anyone with art theft in mind. 
    • These professional art hanging systems are durable and built for a lifetime. Items such as the Click-Track Rail, are crafted of aluminum and can be deinstalled and installed in new locations. Hooks are made of Silver Satin Anodized metal compounds that do not rust and or whither. Cable products, such as the Cobra Cable are made of stainless steel, with fused cable ends, that will provide your art work security and support for decades without fail. 

    Contact us for a detailed picture of which hanging systems are right for your home or office. A sensible minimal investment can protect your precious artifacts in the present and for the next generation. 

  • Gallery Hanging Systems Improve Local Galleries

    The Met, the MOMA, the Guggenheim; they are all world renown art museums with the most well-known art and the best curating in the industry. But while museums like this are famous, what are much more common are local art museums. Even small towns most often have art and history museums. And these galleries need professional  gallery hanging systems just as much as the world-famous galleries do. The right gallery hanging systems give local galleries more credibility and professionalism.

    Systematic Art creates picture hanging systems that will perfectly elevate your local art gallery or museum. There are many different kinds to choose from to achieve whatever look you are trying to create with your exhibit. 

    A hanging rod is a classic method for art galleries around the world. It is a clean, contemporary way of hanging art by a rod, offered in aluminum or stainless steel from a ceiling or wall mount. They are versatile, so they can work with the systems you have in place in your local gallery already.

    For hanging a number of works in a row, you may want to consider a tension system. Tension systems allow for multiple works to be hung from one fixed cable that is mounted above and below the art. The tension system adds a very modern feel to your gallery.

    Cable systems are a way to hang your art that let the art speak for itself, as they are nearly invisible. Install a rail on the wall or ceiling, and then uses hooks with clear or stainless cables to connect the art to the rail. 

    Whatever look you want to take your local gallery to the next level, and give it that international gallery feel, contact us at Systematic Art. We have the gallery hanging system that is right for you.  

  • Why the Gallery Rod System is a Solid Choice for Your Space

    When it comes to hanging artwork, either in a public or private space, rod systems are by far the strongest and most durable hanging solution, and the gallery rod system is no exception to this rule. Systems like these also offer a wide variety of colors and customizable options, allowing you to fit the system to the space, and change the work displayed with ease.

    While you'll most commonly see these systems in art galleries and museums, you may want to have them installed in offices or use them at home as well. Whatever the desired space, choosing a rod system for it is a fairly simple process. You'll want to decide on either a ceiling or a wall-mounted rail, figure out what accessories are needed, and ensure that the entire system either stands out or blends in as necessary. Finishings are available in white, black, neutral, or silver, to compliment or disappear into any space.

    A wall-mounted gallery rail is rated to withstand up to 175 lbs or 79 kg as long as it's properly installed and is a great option for any rod system. A variety of hooks help make hanging even large, heavy projects simple. Accessories such as anti-theft brackets, anti-theft hooks, and picture stabilizers help to ensure that the work is displayed securely and kept safe, no matter how public the space it's displayed in may be.

    We at Systematic Art truly believe in The Art of Hanging Art. Contact us to find out how you can outfit your gallery with the latest and greatest, or bring the elegance of an art gallery into your home with a gallery rod system.

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