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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Art Hanging Systems: The Possibilities for Professional Interior Designers

    The decisions involved in hanging art is not lost on interior designers. The display of photography, paintings, and other media in clients' homes requires a thoughtful eye. Art hanging systems offer various advantages compared to other less manageable solutions. Here are some ways these systems work well with interior design strategies:

    Create a clean art hanging system

    Tension, cable, or rod systems hold expensive artwork steady so that designers don't have to hassle with unplanned holes in the wall. Used by galleries and restaurants, art hanging systems make personal art collections shine in living spaces.

    Add structure

    Art hanging systems provide structure and organization to the overall look of a gallery in someone's home. Beautiful home aesthetics are often achieved through symmetry and geometry. With an art hanging system in place, it's  also easier for designers or homeowners to decide when to change a piece of artwork for something new. 

    Offer a high level of professionalism

    When hired for an interior design project for someone's home, it's highly desirable to create a look that is distinctive and elevated. Art hanging systems convey a quality and respect for the fine arts. They look equally distinguished in traditional or antique-themed homes as they do in modern environments. It's worthwhile to browse options for lightweight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight art hanging solutions. For extra security, it's also possible to buy anti-theft art hanging options. Browse our selection of anti-theft hooks and brackets for the latest ways to keep artwork safe.

    Art hanging systems create a seamless, elegant way to display art in client homes. In addition to benefiting clients, these systems could help an interior design portfolio stand out from the rest. To learn more about art hanging solutions for home gyms, offices or living spaces, contact us

  • Art Hanging Systems For Your Restaurant: Showcase The Work Of New Artists

    For an artist who is just starting out, having artwork shared at a gallery, a restaurant or any venue can certainly be a great way to obtain more confidence. It can also be a great way to obtain exposure.

    Having artwork hanging on a wall where people can see it is certainly better than having it in a closet somewhere where no one will ever see it. When people can see the great work that has been done, they will typically ask questions about the person who is responsible for painting or drawing the artwork. 

    If you have a gallery or restaurant, do you think hanging artwork can give your venue a different look and feel. You may be able to spark more conversation by using art hanging systems to hang the artwork from new artists? 

    When you have a restaurant, you have several reasons to showcase artwork and host exhibits, such as the following:

    • You may be a big fan of art and you want to have different pieces in your place of business
    • You may love supporting the artists in your community and want to give them an opportunity to showcase their artwork
    • You may have customers who appreciate art and want to give them a chance to see the beautiful art; you can also give them a chance to even purchase some of the pieces that you will hang in your office

    If you want to improve your restaurant by changing the scenery, you should strongly consider hanging various art pieces. You will not have to worry about causing damage to your walls because Systematic Art has the right tools and equipment you need. 

    Contact us today for additional information on how art hanging systems can help you create a new environment in your restaurant. 

  • Make It Easy to Change Display Banners with Picture Rail Systems

    Streamlining certain tasks with your business is essential to your business’s growth, mainly because the longer you have to invest in a multitude of minor responsibilities, the less time you have to invest in the major ones or the more manpower you have to acquire to handle everything. If you rely on changing display banners on a regular basis, you should invest in picture rail systems to improve this process.

    Discreet Enough to Install Throughout Your Commercial Building

    With a thin picture rail, you do not have to worry about making your commercial space unattractive. Most of the time, these rails will go unnoticed by your customers, and even if they are noticed, they will look so fitting and organized that they are more likely to impress these individuals. When you consider how thin they are, you should gain confidence in installing them throughout your entire building.

    Avoid Damage to Your Banners with Simple Hanging

    When you create a display banner, the last thing you want to happen is for it to get damaged. Unfortunately, it is possible for mistakes to happen, whether you change these displays on your own or you rely on your employees to handle this responsibility. The most effective solution is to make it easy to hang banners by incorporating picture rail systems for all of your display banner needs.

    Make Changes to Banners in Just Minutes

    For most businesses, time is of the essence, so you want to handle minor tasks quickly. Fortunately, picture rails are designed to speed up the process and allow for fast and easy adjustments. If you switch out a large number of banners on a regular basis, this system can certainly speed up the overall process.

    Contact us if you have any questions about our mounting or hanging systems.

  • Wall Space + Artwork = Inspired Work and Living Spaces

    Upon moving into a new office for your business or a new condo, you might see a lot of blank wall spaces. It’s easy to neglect walls when you’re thinking about where to place furniture, desks and bookshelves. However, wall art makes a big difference in the overall vibe of a space.

    Our artwork hanging systems make it easy to choose creative ways to hang artwork. For example, marketing and advertising agencies might enjoy our acrylic display systems or sign holders for displaying recent masterpieces of client work.

    If you are considering hanging various photographs, posters or paintings in a series, consider our picture stabilizers. These items work with cables to secure artwork in a stable and uniform manner. This can create visual interest in a waiting room or hallway connecting conference rooms.

    Other ways to add interest to the modern home or workspace include sign and panel holders. These items frame the art to display creative or informative signs that catch people’s attention. For example, business clients or guests can appreciate the range of your creative work by viewing photos or examples in these upscale sign panels.

    Hanging canvases or artwork with depth is also possible with our hanging rods. These rods offer strength when hanging large pieces with a minimalist look. This is especially useful on large walls, such as office spaces or retail spaces.

    From art studios to architecture office to home spaces, our art hanging systems offer unique ways to display visual inspiration. The art hanging systems can also work well with various interior lighting systems.

    Enjoy bring the nature indoors with nature photography, inspire others with abstract paintings, or display professional work in an office, with our modern and sleek artwork display solutions. For more information, contact us.

  • Hardware For Signs And Banners: Choose Your Hardware With Care

    If you are looking for hardware for signs and banners for your next sale or campaign, there are some things you need to know. If you plan to install banners or signs on a light pole, one of your biggest challenges is probably finding the right company to purchase the sign and banner hardware from.

    Your next big challenge is probably finding out how to install the banner correctly. For many companies, they choose to purchase from a company solely based on the price of the hardware. Many companies also select a piece of hardware simply because it looks like it will fit or it looks like it will work. They fail to make their determination based on the quality, durability, or the way it is made.

    Unfortunately, this can turn into a huge mistake that can cost you a great deal of money. At Systematic Art, we understand that choosing the hardware for your sign or banner is a huge decision in this process. You should not think that only because you plan to use the sign or banner for only a short period of time that the hardware you choose does not matter. 

    There are plenty of factors that need to be considered, including weather. If you have the wrong hardware, a gust of wind could quickly tear your sign or banner apart. You also have to think about the people who will walk near or under your sign. You want to have the right hardware so you will not have to worry about the installation coming apart and falling on the ground or on top of an innocent bystander. 

    If you have not had any luck finding the right hardware for your signs and banners, give us a try at Systematic Art. Contact us today. 

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