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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • How Suspension Systems for Hanging Systems Can Change Your Perspective

    As you think about suspension systems for hanging systems, you may be wondering if they are right for you. Rest assured, they are, and here are some ways you can use them.

    Use suspension systems to hang signage, banners, and panels from a single designated location. Generally, suspension kits work in restaurants, schools, offices, and other retail or commercial environments. They are a great way to direct people toward the exits, bathrooms, or other specific areas. 

    The Classic Suspension Kit is a four-part system. First, attach it to a structure (e.g., the ceiling) with a screw. A cable is then threaded through the coupler. Next, affix the cable coupler to the base for a secure hold. Finally, attach the lower hanging bracket to the end of the cable. This suspension system's highlight is the sleek triangular design of the coupler. This kit only comes in silver. The Classic Suspension Kit comes in four sizes: 48 in./121 cm, 72 in./182 cm, 96 in./243 cm, and 120 in./304 cm. The sign holder opening is a 1/4 in.

    The Zurich Suspension Kit functions the same as the Classic Suspension Kit, but the design is different. The Zurich features a square coupler. This suspension system comes in three colors and various sizes. You can choose from white, silver, or black. White and silver are available in 96 in./243 cm and 120 in./304 cm. Black comes in the four previously mentioned sizes above. The sign holder opening is also a 1/4 in.  

    The Systematic Art panel hook is a basic white hook that offers serviceability. Use it to hang artwork on the doors, partition walls, office dividers, glass paneling, etc. The panel hook comes in two sizes (1 in. and 1-1/4 in. depth) and includes a ball-ended synthetic nylon cord measuring 39 in./100 mm in length. Also, use the panel hook with loop-end cables.   

    Suspension systems for hanging systems are a nice way to hang art in unconventional areas. They are easy to install and are practically damage-free requiring only a single screw. If you have any questions about the products here, please contact us. We're always happy to help. 

  • Reduce The Stress Of Rearranging Artwork With Picture Rails

    The strip of molding that sticks to walls and is placed horizontally across the room are known as picture rails. Picture rails can be aligned with the tops of your business's windows. Picture rails may seem like something that was only popular during a certain time period, but they can be used today as a fresh and improved look.

    If you collect art or you own a gallery or museum, picture rails will give you a great solution, especially if you want to avoid holes that are caused by nails and drilling. Systematic Art has a wide range of options when it comes to picture rails. It will not be difficult to find the material you are looking for.

    Once you are done with the molding, you will need the right hardware from Systematic Art that will enable you to place hooks around the molding areas. With picture rails and the right hardware, you can change the entire look of a room.

    We provide the unique and professional support that your gallery, museum, or institution needs. When you hang pictures on the wall, you are always hesitant to move it because you do not want to make the mistake of ruining the walls. However, picture rails can give you so many options. 

    Picture rails give you a lower amount of stress when you have to rearrange your artwork. If you are looking to install picture rails to improve the look of your office, building, or art room, contact us today.

  • The Right Sign And Banner Supports Will Help Your Establishment Attract Your Target Audience

    If you are looking for an efficient and effective communication method for your business, you should strongly consider using signs and banners. Signs and banners will help people find you and the signs will also encourage people to stop by your establishment when they are walking or driving by because they will be intrigued by your signs.

    With proper signs and banner supports, you can have on-premise signs that tend to be more effective. Sign and banner supports are not expensive and they will definitely get the job done. If you have a smaller establishment, you may not have the budget to use towards more expensive advertising methods. 

    With various designs being available online or design shops being available in your area, you can have a sign or banner produced at a low cost. It does not matter if you need to advertise products for the new season or if you need to advertise an art show or event, you will be sure that people will see your signs and banners. You will not have to worry about wasting money, especially when you have the right hardware, tools, and support. 

    When you have a well-designed sign that is properly placed, you will be using a proven form of advertisement. Signs and banners are a natural part of the world we live in; almost everyone pays attention to signs, no matter where they are placed. Banners are a proven method of advertisement.

    At Systematic Art, we have everything you need to ensure your signs will be seen by your target audience. If you need better support for your signs and banners, contact us for any help you may need. 

  • Art Hanging Systems For Your Classroom: Display The Artwork Of Your Students

    Integrating artwork into the classroom can improve motivation, enhance the learning, and improve the success of your students. When you have a classroom that is filled with your students' artwork, you are showing them that you care about their work and that making sure they learn is important to you. 

    At the beginning of the school year, the teacher usually takes the role of hanging the art. However, as the months go by, you can give your students the opportunity to have a role in displaying their pictures, paintings, and other artwork.

    When you use various art hanging systems, you can allow your students to be more involved in the art hanging process. With the right hardware, your students will be able to choose the artwork they want to hang, and they can easily use the hanging and display systems you have in your classroom. 

    When you allow your students to choose what work they want to be displayed and you allow them to hang it themselves, they will learn how to be proud of their own work. They will also learn from one another, which will improve growth, respect, and communication. When you set up a display, you will showcase the creativity of your students. 

    Your art hanging systems can be an effective tool for your classroom, and this is extremely important for learning. There is nothing wrong with displaying artwork in your classroom, and what better artwork to display than that of your students? Contact us if you are an educator looking for the perfect art hanging tools that will showcase your love and your students' love for artwork. 

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