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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • Consider Acrylic Pocket Displays to Showcase Your Menus Outside

    A restaurant will naturally receive plenty of phone calls regarding the menu when it is not easy to learn more about the food that is served, along with the average price per dish. It is in the best interest of any restaurant to avoid potential confusion by providing people with an easy-to-read menu. Acrylic pocket displays are just what you need to showcase your menus and improve the customer experience.

    Switch to New Menus or Items with Ease

    If you change out menus on a routine or daily basis, you do not want it to take more than a few seconds to switch out the outdated menus and replace them with newly updated ones. Pocket displays prevent you from having to spend more than a few seconds on getting the new menus situated.

    Showcase Your Traditional Menu

    While it is expected that your menu will change on a regular basis, you should still have a traditional menu on display for those who may not be interested in your most local or daily offerings.

    Add Decorative Photos

    When investing in acrylic pocket displays, you should try to get more than you need, and this is because you want to avoid a situation in which you do not have enough. Decorative photos can help your menus stand out from other businesses and build confidence in potential customers to eat at your restaurant.

    Using these displays is ideal in areas of heavy traffic, so it should be a top priority for your business if you commonly get people who walk inside to take a look at the menu before committing to a meal.

    Contact us if you would like to get pocket displays for your business.

  • Damage-Free Art Hanging for Your Expanding University

    Universities represent the fundamental aspects of life. Learning, questioning, and changing perceptions to create a dynamic worldview. Whether you're planning an art show, or you're introducing a new concept to your students, you want to show visual images. After all, visuals provide smoother comprehension and bring out creativity. Colors activate important cognitive functions in order to construct and deconstruct complex ideas. 

    While you want to build a new philosophical curriculum with diagrams, you fear that your art hanging equipment might damage the walls. Of course, you do not want your Descartes-oriented thought map to tear away at the paint job. Hanging art is a risky business that bears down on the budget and the walls.

    Luckily for you, there are safe, clean options to teach and demonstrate your ideas. Damage-free art hanging equipment gives you the easiest way to move around your art without ruining the walls. Damaged walls are unattractive and distracting for those who seek an aesthetically functioning learning environment. 

    Swiftly move around old and new pieces for a systematic sense of artistic uniform. The art will remain intact and undamaged by other harmful hanging tools that put holes or rip those beloved pieces. 

    Hang your pieces in a linear fashion or organize them to represent a geometric design. With so many hanging options to choose from, your seminars will speak in a verbal and visual form. 

    Contact us for any questions about hanging equipment. We understand the value art possesses, and we will work with you for the best solutions.

  • If You Rent, You Need Art Suspension Systems

    If you rent an apartment, home or office, you'll need art suspension systems for a variety of reasons. There are contract terms of abiding by, surface issues, and lack of space. Yes, art suspension systems solve all those problems.  

    Contract Terms are Important  

    Most leasing contracts for apartments, homes, and offices have a clause about wall damage. The property owner wants as little damage done to them as possible, but you want to personalize your space. What's the right compromise? Art hanging systems. Art suspension systems only need a few holes for installation. Then you can change artwork without any further damage.  

    Hard to Deal with Surfaces  

    Walls made of brick or concrete are not optimal for hanging art. Neither is fancy wallpaper or an unconventional wall covering. You're definitely going to need ceiling mounted art suspension systems.   

    Creating Space  

    Use art hanging systems for maximizing space. You can hang a lot of art in a small area. Use the ceiling mounted system to construct a hanging room divider. Or you can use a hanging system to store things like your bike. It's functional art, after all.  

    Our art hanging systems come in various colors that blend in with your decor. You'll only need a few simple tools and about twenty minutes to install them. Besides the ceiling and wall mounted systems, we have specialty hardware and other accessories.   

    To talk more about art hanging systems, or any other questions or concerns, please contact us. We're always here to assist you. Thanks for reading.

  • Consider a Track and Cable Hanging System to Hang Photos along an Entire Wall

    With your business, two aspects that should always be prioritized are professionalism and efficiency. While this definitely applies to the products or services your business provides, it should also include every other aspect as well, regardless of how minor they are, such as hanging photos on the wall. Investing in a track and cable system will help you hang photos along an entire wall and have it look exceptional.

    Most Reliable Solution

    When you have multiple photos that you want to put on a wall, you will benefit most from using a cohesive system, such as what you get from a track and cable hanging system. Attempting to use various individual mounting tools to get photos on the wall will create an unnecessary amount of work.

    Enjoy Cable Strength

    With a cable system, you can enjoy the strength that cables provide. When you invest heavily into the photos, you do not want to put them at risk by using an unproven mounting method.

    Professional Look

    A track and cable system looks undoubtedly professional. It is clean, simple, and can look rather discreet, depending on the decisions you make from the selection that you have.

    Avoid Wall Damage

    With this mounting method, you do not have to worry about damaging the walls. When you are leasing the space, you want to minimize the damage you cause to avoid problems later on in the future.

    Proper mounting will allow you to mount photos on an entire wall with ease. If you have any questions about our selection or what hanging system is right for you, feel free to contact us today.

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