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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Use a Cable Hanging System to Make Your Lobby Look Professional

    If your business has a lobby, you want to make sure it is an impressive space because it will determine the first impression that people get on your business. For instance, you should have a high-quality lobby sign, sufficient natural light, attractive features, and professional photos on the walls.

    While you have a number of options for mounting photos, you should use a cable hanging system as this will provide your business with the quality it needs to make an excellent impression.

    Strategical Picture Choices

    With a hanging system, you gain a great deal of freedom in regard to picture choices. It is possible to get mounting that can handle heavy art pieces, which is helpful to avoid any major restrictions. To get the best response from those that come into your lobby, you want to think strategically about the pictures.

    If you want to make people feel inspired, hopeful, or another emotion, you should use a cable hanging system to mount pictures on the wall that will help to convey the desired emotions or moods.

    Child-Safe Mounting

    When you hang art on the wall with picture nails, you cannot feel too comfortable with the mounting. While they might not be an issue for use within a residential property, you want to make sure that they cannot be tampered with by children and fall down, which could lead to an injury.


    A proper mounting system is not only safer and more effective than other methods, but the fact that it looks better is an enormous benefit as it demonstrates professionalism for your business.

    If you have any questions about picture mounting, contact us today.

  • The Top Five Benefits of Picture Hanging Systems

    When it comes to the benefits of picture hanging systems, we can come up with five rather quickly. It's pretty easy, in fact.

    Damage-free Hanging

    Our picture hanging systems are installed once. That means no new holes in your walls when you need to replace art. The display systems only require a few holes which are fitted with anchors. Simply screw the picture rail into the anchors.

    Change Art Easily

    If you have a large art collection, changing artwork can be time-consuming. With picture hanging systems, there's no re-measuring or eyeballing where the art should be and various tools involved. You just take one picture down and put another up. It's that easy to use. 

    Easily Installed

    Only three tools are needed to install our art hanging systems: a drill, a drill bit, and a screwdriver. Installation is a three-step progression of drilling the holes for the display system, inserting the anchors, and screwing the rail in. The entire process usually takes about 20 minutes. 


    There are two types of art hanging systems one is wall mounted and the other is ceiling mounted. These are used for in-home art and in business establishments.  A variety of colors are available to suit any design.  


    If you are in a situation where the walls are made of brick, stone, concrete, or something that can't be nailed into, picture hanging systems are the answer. As mentioned before, we offer a ceiling mounted rail. 

    Be sure to follow our blog for helpful information. The eight best tips for adjustable art systems you'll read this year explains the step by step process in choosing and installing a picture rail system. To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

  • Why Do You Need An Adjustable Art Hanging System For Your Summer Art Show?

    In many places, the summer art show season has already gotten underway. If you are preparing for a summer art show, you will want to have the best displays so you can showcase your art in the best way possible. You will also want to make some sales too, right?

    If you are preparing for an art show, are you going to be under a tent? A tent will protect your art from the weather, and it will also provide you with some much-needed shade. Tents are, or should be a necessity for the art show. The tent gives you a space to hang your art pieces, and it gives you a space to let onlookers and potential buyers get a good look at your art work. 

    You can have a tent with walls or without walls. Tents are also great for using hooks to hang your art. As for the kind of hanging equipment you will need, Systematic Art has several options for you to choose from. 

    With the variety of pieces, you can hang art vertically; this will certainly give you a display that will attract the various eyes. One of the tools you should certainly use is an adjustable art hanging system. This kind of system will give you the opportunity to space out your different-sized artwork in various places on the wall. 

    With many art shows sure to be happening, you need the right tools to gain exposure, let people see some fantastic pieces, and even make some money selling art. If you need the right equipment and supplies, contact us at Systematic Art.

  • Consider Cable Systems for Hanging Art to Increase Your Productivity and Success

    When you have an office with some empty wall space, you should make the decision to use this space advantageously. It is easier to keep it blank, but you will find that using cable systems for hanging art to get art on the wall can have a noticeable impact on your success and productivity.

    Get Inspired from Artwork on the Wall

    It is important not to put just any artwork on the wall, but artwork that you like and appreciate. When you look at these pieces of art on the wall, you want to feel inspired to work harder.

    Hang Your Favorite Quotes

    While some people are motivated by a beautiful piece of art, others respond better to quotes. If you have favorite quotes that you find extremely positive, motivating, or inspirational, you should get them printed out in an appealing manner and invest in a cable system to hang them on the wall.

    Focus on Your Target Audience

    If you want to make the wall work to your benefit even more, you should consider focusing on your target audience, as long as your business revolves around meeting with potential clients in your office.

    With this in mind, you can hang artwork that will connect with them in some way, shape, or form. If you aim to display artwork that will make a potential client or customer feel entirely comfortable, you can gain their business just by making them feel good about the entire situation. Another option is to attempt to establish an emotional connection with the artwork on the wall and the services you provide.

    Contact us if you have any questions about the products we sell.

  • Hanging Art Should Not Be A Challenge: Use Damage-Free Art Hanging Solutions

    You have just purchased some new fabulous pieces of art that you want to hang in your gallery. The artist spent countless time, hours, and money to perfect the craft so you can buy these masterpieces. You want to take the necessary effort and time to display the work in a proper setting so everyone else can see its beauty. Now, you just have to figure out how you should hang it. 

    Many people feel overwhelmed and stressed about hanging new pieces of art. People will worry about how they can display it in the best way, they think about making a mistake when hanging it, and they fear it will not look as good when they eventually hang it. 

    Hanging a piece of art should not be something that stresses you; it is not an exact science. There will be no wrong way to hang art and there will be no correct way to hang art. You should hang it in a way that feels right to you. The tools and methods someone else uses to hang their art does not have to be your way.  

    Hanging artwork should be a fun time for you. It should not be something that makes you want to punch holes in the wall. Systematic Art has You damage-free art hanging tools that will allow the artwork to look phenomenal wherever you plan to hang it.

    There is no reason that you can not look like an expert at hanging artwork, especially when you use the tools Systematic Art provides. If you run into trouble hanging beautiful pieces of art, you should not hesitate to contact us for the right tools. Hanging art should not be like climbing a mountain. Get the right tools and equipment, hang it, and step back to enjoy the art on the wall. 

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