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Ball-End (Hanging Rod) Aluminum


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The Aluminum Hanging Rod with Ball-End is considered by many museums, galleries and collectors to be the quintessential picture hanging tool available through Systematic Art in various colors and lengths.

The Aluminum Picture Rod is able to work with both the Click-Track wall mounted and Slim-Line ceiling mounted rails providing a secure and elegant means of hanging art.


Ball-End Hanging Rod Silver Anodized

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Ball-End Hanging Rod

A. To hang items using this Rod you must first select your rail:

1. Click Track - Wall Mounted
2. Slim-Line - Ceiling Mounted

B. After your have selected your rail you must then select your hook preference:

1. Museum Rod Hook
2. Museum Rod Hook - Heavy Duty
3. Museum Rod Hook with Safety Lock


The Ball-End (Aluminum) Picture Hanging Rod works with Slim-Line / ceiling mounted and Click-Track / wall-mounted rails.

Material: Aluminum
Rod Profile: Square 4mm
Colors: Multiple Available
Lengths: Multiple Rated Weight: 55lb / 24Kg