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Anti-Theft / Rod Security Bracket

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The Anti Theft Rod Security Bracket provides an extra line of defense against the possibility of theft when paintings are displayed in public areas such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, lobbies and locations where potential theft can occur.

This security picture hanger does not provide any guarantee against theft. However, it will make removal of the hanging rod a time consuming challenge that will require the use of tools. The anti-theft rod security bracket can be used with either the Stainless Steel Hanging Rod or the Aluminum Hanging Rod.


Anti-Theft / Rod Security Bracket

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For use with:

1. Classic Hanging Rod - Aluminum
2. "J" Hanging Rod - Aluminum
3. "J" hanging Rod - Stainless Steel

What's Included:

Rod Security Bracket:
Bracket slides on to the open end of the rail prior to installation and the rod is secured to the bracket with the use of a wrench.

2. Rod Collar:

The Rod Collar is secured to the rod just below the rod hook with the use of the provided Key Wrench, making it difficult to disengage the hook from the rod unless the collar is removed.

Hex Wrench:
Used to tighten the Rod Collar to the hanging rod.

Material: Steel

Available Colors:

White Powder Coated
Black Powder Coated
Silver Powder Coated