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Side Clamp - Single Sided - (3/4" Opening) - Satin Silver

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The aluminum made Vertical 3/4" extra wide side clamp is perfect for securing and suspending glass, acrylic, paneling, banners, mirrors, and partitions. 

The aluminum side clamp is compatible with all of Systematic Art's cables systems available in both synthetic nylon and stainless steel.   

The side clamp can be used but not limited to window displays, menu boards, offices, conference rooms, hotels and perfect for any public space where items are frequently changed.  

Single Sided Clamp 3/4 - 19.05mm

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For use with the following cables:

1. Synthetic Nylon Cables
2. Stainless Steel Cables
3. Cable Rod Hangers

Can be used with he following  systems:

1. Tensioned Displays
2. Ceiling Coupler Sets
3. Ceiling mounted Picture Hanging Systems
4. Wall mounted Picture Hanging Systems 

Single Sided Vertical Side Clamp - Opening 3/4" / 19.05mm

Profile: Round
Color: Satin Silver
Opening: 3/4" / 19.05mm (Max)
Clamp Depth: 3/8" 
Clamp Profile Length: 3/4" / 19.05mm
Clamp Profile Diameter: 1-1/4" / 31.75mm
Weight Support: 5 lbs / 2.26 kgs

Side Clamp set includes the following items:

1. Side Clamp
2. Rubber tipped set screw
3. Hex wrench