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4 Way Sign Fixing - Standoff Hub


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The 4-way sign fixing also referred to as the Standoff hub is used to support panels or signage in a 90 degree continuous flow. The 4 way hub is perfect for offices, retail, public spaces and trade shows giving users the ability to seamlessly assemble a group of panels or images.

The 4-way sign fixing gives can accommodate panels from 1/8” up to 1/2"

Finish: Silver Satin Anodized

Sold as a 4 pack

For use with

    4-Way Standoff Hub Image 1

    Additional Product Information

    • Product Information

    Material:      Aluminum 
    Finish:         Silver Satin Anodized
    Supports:   1/8" to 1/2" Panels or Signage


    • 4 - Way Fixing Length:
             1-1/4"" - 31.75mm
    • 4  - Way Fixing Diameter:     1" - 25.4mm
    • Hub Length:                           3/4" - 19.05mm

    What's Included:

    1.  Barrel / Standoff: (This is what is secured to the wall) Quantity 4

    2.  Hub: (This is what slides into the barrel / Standoff to support the panel) Quantity 4

    3. Barrel / Standoff Set Screw: (This is used to secure the Hub to the Barrel / Standoff) Quantity 4

    4. Drywall Anchors and Screws: The set comes with 4 plastic drywall anchors and 4 screws to secure the Standoff to the wall