Loop-End Cable (Stainless Steel)

Loop-End Cable (Stainless Steel)

SKU: TC126

The stainless-steel Picture Hanging Loop-Cable designed to work with, but not limited 
to the S-Hook provides great strength for hanging objects.

A typical installation would be to attach the S-Hook to either the Gallery, Moderna
or Sky Picture hanging rail's and then affix the Loop-Cable to the S-Hook as shown in

the photos below. 

The picture hanging Loop Cable can also work with both Slim-Line and Click-Tracks rails
with the use of the (Ball-End- Silder -Hook)

The Art and Picture hanging Loop-Cable provides the maximum strength for hanging objects
with the use of cables.

Product Information:

Material: Stainless Steel
Cable Thickness: 1.8mm / 0.709" - 47/64
Cable End: Fused
Available Length: Multiple
Rated Weight: 40 lbs / 18 kg

PRICE:  $6.25 Loop Cable - Stainless Steel - 48" / 120cm
$7.25 Loop Cable - Stainless Steel - 72" / 180cm
$8.25 Loop Cable - Stainless Steel - 96" / 240cm
$9.25 Loop Cable - Stainless Steel - 120" / 304cm

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Available Lengths:

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